Sunday, November 28, 2010


In our prep class, our director, Brother Seely, talked about how we usually classify life experiences into relationships of either time or space. He pointed out that one of the greatest things we should cherish while on our study abroad to London is that it is a vacation in time and space; that London will always be there, but we will never again get to go there while living at 27 Palace Court with the same 40 girls. These girls and 2 boys have truly made this trip so incredible. The Seely's and Tate's won't admit it, but out of their 4+ years of study abroad... we are totally their favourite group! They keep saying things like, "you guys are just such an unusual group, you are so kind to each other... its kind of odd," or "we have never been able to just randomly assign roommates for away trips and know that any possible combination will be okay, without any conflicts." yeah, they love us, we are the best.

I thought I'd write really quickly about each person here, just so I don't forget!

Room 1 (my room):
Mandy: super smart, very on top of her homework, and always willing to help.
Julie: my Gospel Principles team teacher, a very good friend
Bethany: one of the most positive people I have ever met, always smiling, such a sweetheart
Emily: very intelligent, major art lover, very passionate about what she loves
Claire: just such a genuinely kind person, always there to talk to, very deep
Kaitlyn: such a cutie, shes so smiley and little and doesn't have a mean bone in her body, she just lights up when she talks
Jani: very enthusiastic, opens up to people easily, has funny/cute expressions and reactions

Room 2:
Katie: a very deep thinker, has cool perspectives on things and situations

Room 3: 
Lisa: so down to earth and just a go-with-the-flow kind of girl, it is really refreshing
Devri: such a planner, looks at things with a very unique perspective, and is always very kind and positive
Kim: really well traveled and is such a champ - she had kidney stones when she was here and has been so great through the whole thing
Molly: so clumsy and i love it, she's really fun to be around, makes everyone feel comfortable
Olivia: her and her fiance Justin are the cutest couple ever! I am kind of obsessed with them haha
Annie: really nice, love her skin and hair coloring, very gentle person
Grace: really smart and insightful, such a blast to be around, really inclusive
Jordan: most gorgeous hair you have ever seen, such a crack up, one of the funniest people I know
Liz: so genuine - she is always true to herself in every situation, extremely loving
Caroline: always smiling, very conscientious
Nikki: devoted Jazz fan, very open person
Mackenzie: so stylish.. seriously, I love everything she wears, always has fun reactions to stories and situations
Morgan: such a sweetheart, so genuine, makes you feel really comfortable
Andrea: a literal Saint, I have never met someone who will bend over backwards for you the way she will

Room 4:
Brianna: cupcake lover, is able to pick apart a dessert's ingredients like no one I've met, really creative
Carolyn: super long, pretty, curly hair, always happy
Meegan: great squeaky voice, always gets so excited, can make any situation really fun
Sarah: very easy going, really artsy
Jessica: one of my GG lovers, part of my rival clique ;), really funny
Becca: such a sweetheart, really concerned for others
Nicole: such a happy person, always willing to give a compliment
Rachel: really true to herself, I love hearing her opinions - she has really deep, meaningful thoughts
Sarryn: so nice, really considerate of others, always happy
Lauren: extremely smart and hard working, very focused, one of the most spiritually minded people I have ever met
Amanda: her funny comments always liven the mood, Harry Potter's number one fan (I dare you to find a bigger one. she cried 5 times in HP 7 part 1)
Natalie: such a great friend, we are so much alike its kind of scary, makes every situation more fun

Room 5:
Ben: computer whiz, an explorer - he's is always out and about wandering London, up for anything
Andrew: really nice, a fellow Californian!, super helpful - spent a long time helping us plan our trip to Barcelona

I love all of the girls (and boys!) and feel so blessed to have known them. They have made my experience what it has been. I am so sad that I won't be living with all of them, I am going to miss them so much! I have already warned many not to freak out if they hear someone screaming their name on campus and bear hugging them because it's just going to be me being super excited to see them.

More to come!

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