Monday, November 29, 2010


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd give a shout-out to someone I am incredibly grateful for. This one's to you Natalie! 

Natalie has popped up in just about every London picture, so I am sure you are all quite acquainted with her. Well, she is my best friend here and has been such a blessing and answer to my prayers. I came to London not knowing anyone and was super nervous that I wouldn't make any friends. I knew I would, but was just a little insecure. Well, I met Natalie the first day and we bonded over our love for stupid (but great)/trashy T.V. shows and I instantly wanted to become friends with her. 

Natalie is such a crack up and makes every situation so much more fun. She is sassy and blunt and it is so great. It is actually really scary because in so many ways we are wayyy too much alike. It didn't take very long at all for us to start saying the same things at the exact same time about 10 times a day. Oh yeah, and we also randomly match at least 2 times a week.

Natalie is such a great friend. She's really easy to talk to and is always there for me when I need to vent or get out all of my frustrations. She's really kind and is a really good example to me of being tolerant of everyone. 

Natalie and I frequent Pizza Hut, McDonald's for caramel sundae's, Whiteley's Odeon theatre, food and wine (its a convenient store, don't worry), Tesco, muesuems for field assignments, sat next to each other on the bus every single time, watch GG every week, always have fun stories for each other and much more.

Want to know the best part???!?! This lovely lady is going to be my roommate winter semster!! I cannot wait. Hello winter semesters of Jenna and Natalie... ;) too much fun! In the words of me, "it will be out of control." In the words of Natalie, "it will be wild. buck wild." love her. 

More to come (lucky for me, another semester of fun)!


  1. Tender! I am glad that you two have each other! It was good to finally meet you!