Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Contrary to what I expected, Brits aren't that into Halloween. In fact, many of us got speeches about how Halloween is a satanic holiday from church members in our ward. Have no fear, us Americans brought Halloween to the centre, even if we didn't have a single trick-or-treater. 

Our party was the night before Halloween and it was a complete blast. We had a costume contest, a cookie decorating contest, ate donuts off of a string, and played mafia. Here's a glamour shot of the Costume Contest winners...

in case you couldn't tell by the picture, Jordan, Natalie, Molly and I were Mt. Rushmore

This was the first time I have ever won a costume contest and I was super pumped about it. We came down the stairs singing "God Bless America," it was wild. Not sure if everyone thought we had the best costume or if we were just the most ridiculous. We became the back drop for hundreds of pictures and gave the professors a good laugh so it was all worth it, even if we were attached under a sheet all night. But seriously, every girl went all out, it was incredible. Some of our guests of honor were Bri from Desperate Houswives, MJ, Taylor Swift, Napoleon Dynamite and his Liger, and Ugly Betty. 

Our Halloween was such a blast. I was so happy that we brought Halloween to the centre because I am huge on holidays, huge. So the fact that Halloween isn't that big here really made me sad. In fact, Halloween night I had a dream, no nightmare, that I was on the 4th floor and a few children came to trick-or-treat at our house but no one would answer the door for them. I sprinted down the stairs to give them candy from my stash I was saving for the trick-or-treaters (yes, I actually did have candy set aside in hopes that someone would trick-or-treat to us). I woke up before I was able to give them the candy, it was stressful. A for effort though, right? Happy Halloween!

More to come!

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