Thursday, November 18, 2010


My bank account will now slightly recover from my London expenses... I got a job!

Up until now, I have just worked a lot over the summer and let my money last me through the year. After being in London with 40 girls, lots of tempting shopping, many eating-out opportunities, and a very injured dollar, I knew I would need to get a job for winter semester. I was a little nervous because I didn't know how I would handle working while taking college classes, but the perfect job just fell into my lap! 3 days ago an old professor from political science 202 last winter semester emailed me and asked if I would be his TA! I was really nervous at first but decided to do it! I cannot wait. It will be fun to have poor, worried students suck up to me haha. Oh how nice it will be to be on the carefree side of a TA-student relationship!

Totally irrelevant, but isn't my area so cute?! I think so. Love it here. 

More to come!

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