Saturday, November 20, 2010


Natalie: "Hey let's just stop by the portrait gallery to see the Andy Warhol of the Queen and portraits of the Bloomsbury group before we grab Wicked tickets for tomorrow night."
Jenna: "Yeah, we've got time, why not??"

Yeah, that sentence just happened. That is my typical day in London, that was my Friday. How did I get this lucky? As my days here get fewer, I can't help but think back to how incredible this whole experience has been. So I don't forget the ins and outs I thought I would write down my typical schedule.

Monday &Thursday                                     Tuesday
8:00 Breakfast                                                  8:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:50 Religion                                            9:00-10:30 Bible and Christianity
11:25-12:40 Humanities                                    10:35-12:05 Great War and Modernism
5:20 Devotional and Dinner                              5:20 Devotional and Dinner

All day field trip days. We go somewhere exciting that usually takes at least 2 hours on the coach. The night before these days I usually go to bed at 2 or beyond, even when I have to wake up at 6 for early breakfast, because I know I have hours of coach nap time ahead of me. Wednesdays are also 5 pound nights, the directors give us each 5 pounds to go get dinner somewhere exciting!

Friday is our London day where we go on a field trip together inside London. Today was our last one and we went to the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms. After the field trip, we have the rest of the day to do something exciting.

We have the entire day to ourselves, literally, they don't even feed us! We are on our own for food so it usually consists of lots of peanut buttered toast and one huge Linner.

9:00 Leave for church
10:30-1:30 Church
2:45 (ish) Get home from Church and eat/nap
6:20 dinner
7:45 Fireside, hopefully followed by dessert

dancing(?) on the coach. We loved field trip days and we got that seat every bus trip!

Any of the free time in the schedule is our London Exploration time! They aren't strict about much of anything, we just have to be back by midnight. I don't know if you noticed, but I only go to school 7 hours a week, yet I am taking 12 credit hours (they only allowed us to take 12). Yes, that is right, I get class hours for going on field trips! So when I was building a human Stonehenge, chasing geese at a film site of Pride and Prejudice, wandering down the Champs Elysees, taking a ferry through the Lake District, watching the ballet, and seeing the Great Hall from Harry Potter 1, I was getting school credit! London couldn't be any more rad!

I am also so grateful that I have been able to take these classes here, they are so pertinent to London. Did you know there are over 40,000 WW1 memorials in the UK? I've been able to see tons for my Great War and Modernism class, perfect. I have been able to go to Catholic, Anglican, Jewish, and Muslim Churches for my Religion in a World Setting Class, perfect. I have been able to see churches dedicated to St. Cuthbert, Columna, Bridget, David, Patrick etc., the Lindisfarne Gospels, and Gutenberg Bible for my Bible Class, perfect. I have been to many of the world's best museums and seen the best and most famous paintings in the world for my humanities class, and perfect. I love London. I love my professors. I love my classes.

Here are some pictures of my typical, daily fun!

More to come!

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