Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Patience is my least favorite virtue

I've been a very patient girl these past three and a half months. On Easter (april 7th), my fiancé moved to Boston while I stayed out west. While I shed my fair share of tears in the beginning, I stayed positive and grateful for this awesome opportunity. I only got to see him 3 times since he moved and the amount of time I spent with him could easily be counted in just hours - but it was ok because he was going to arrive at Long Beach on July 18th at 8:18 to marry me and all would be PERFECT. Well, when it's less than 48hrs until your wedding and your fiancé is stuck in an airport across the country where it's hailing golf balls and lightning is striking and his plane is indefinitely delayed because the plane he was supposed to take was rerouted to Maine and youve been counting down the days to this very day for months, you start to bawl your eyes out in Target. And you know that looking like a fool is completely justified. Well ladies and gents, after a few hours of delays, Mike is on a plane thanks to a Jet Blue miracle, and I will be at Long Beach airport at 10:56 pm. You know, the possibility of not having a groom at your wedding (ok, I'm being dramatic, but just let this one slide) really puts this whole wedding business into perspective. I'm not having a wedding, I am marrying Mike -forever. At the end of the day, that is all I want. I just want Mike. I just want to be with him forever. Lucky for me, I get to see him in 5 hrs 37 mins and I get to marry him in 43 hrs 38 mins. Then he's never leaving my side again, except after our honeymoon when he goes back Boston 4 days before me and his business trip 3 weeks later, but that's just child's play after our long distance engagement!