Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Another trip to Pizza Hut that filled me with giddy patriotism got me thinking.

I love London, I am so glad and grateful to be here, but I am an American at heart. I need my stars and stripes time to keep me sane. Here is what I do to bring a little piece of the States to London.

1. Diet Coke. (Obviously this number 1) I always have diet coke at my disposal. Coke is ridiculously expensive and rationed in Europe. At an average restaurant you will pay 2.50 pounds - almost 5 dollars for one bottle of coke or one extremely watered down glass without refills. I spent 7 euros on one in France... I know, ridiculous, I shouldn't have, but it was a LONG day. So to keep me sane and hydrated (yes, diet coke hydrates me :)) I buy 8 packs from Tesco. 2 for 6 pounds baby! But you can get free refills at Pizza Hut and Hard Rock!! God bless America. you can also get free refills at Nando's but its really watered down. 
2. Facetime. My mom bought me and her the new ipods that have facetime! With this I can talk to the fam whenever I'd like. The internet here is so slow that you can't get a decent skype phone call and forget about video chatting! But with facetime I get perfect video and audio connection without having to go to McDonald's.

3. TV. My mom is amazing. She records all of my TV shows and sends them to me so I can stay caught up. The greatest gesture of love I have received here :). She knows me too well. Whenever I need a break I just pop one in and all is good.

4. Tesco. Tesco is the grocery store here, and I may or may not be obsessed. I walk into every Tesco I see; the bigger the better. Browsing in a normal grocery store reminds me of home.. I could walk the aisles for hours. Plus, Tesco provides me with the heavenly corner yogurts!

5. Using my accent for good. While many people think that American accents aren't pretty, they can get you far. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to help you get directions, how many friends you can make (anytime I hear another American accent I ask where they are from and instantly make some more BFFs here), and how much free stuff you can get for having an American accent. True story. So far I have gotten a free upgrade to a large Starbuck's steamer and Burger King Diet Coke because of my accent. Keep em coming!

So friends, don't get too worried... although I love London, I am still American through and through! If you don't believe me even after this post, remember that I was Mt. Rushmore for Halloween.

More to come!

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