Monday, November 15, 2010


One of London's greatest treasures is its markets. Saturdays in London are insane. People of all types hit the streets searching for whatever suits their fancy, and trust me, you can find anything here!

For the Food Lover:
Head to Borough Market.
You can get any type of cheese, Turkish delight, pot pie, fruit, vegetable, and dessert. You can also find great Greek, South American, Asian, and Vegetarian food... just about anything you'd like. It is heavenly.

For the Antique Girl:

Head to Portobello Road.
This is just 3 minutes from our house and every Saturday hundreds, if not thousands, invade my tube stop. It can be quite annoying, but then when I relish in the fact that I have one of the most fabulous markets in the world just a few minutes walk from my house, I lose the annoyance. If you are into bird cages, funky jackets, cool silver and metal work, quirky shoes, etc. Portobello is the place for you! Stop by Gelato Mio on your way down, the peanut butter is to die for.

For the Ke$ha Wannabe:

Head to Camden Market. 
The second you transfer to the Northern line, you know you are in for a treat (the line with the crazies), and Camdentown is where they are headed. Picture every color of Dock Martins you can imagine (neons included), foot long mohawks, piercing and tattoo parlors every few feet, and floor length trench coats that that crazy goth kid from high school wore. It is great. Seriously, Camden has the best people-watching in all of London. An added bonus: it is the market from What a Girl Wants (the Amanda Bynes movie)!

Markets truly are London's greatest treasure. Next trip to London you must stop by a few. There are tons all throughout the city, these are just my top three. 

More to come!

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