Sunday, October 3, 2010


The internet has been especially slow this week, so this post has been a long time coming. Here is the last of the Paris posts...

So many funny things happened last week in Paris. Here are a few...

1. The entire week we paparazzi'd the weird and fabulous people of Paris (we've been doing that in London as well... get pumped for the day I post the pictures). Here is my favorite man... or woman?

2. Our metro passes would randomly stop working (Natalie's didn't work at all on Thursday), so we often had to hop over the gate (think spinning bars at the entrance of Disneyland rides). It was hilarious. That would never fly in the Tube!

3. Our hotel in Paris was definitely done on a budget. I'm not snobby about things like that by any means, all I cared about was that I was in Paris. However, it does get kind of gross when you pull 16+ hairs out of your bed. Natalie let me sleep in her hair-free bed [thanks Nat!]. After that, we pulled a Harriet the Spy and left an eyeliner mark on the corner of the sheet, only to find that it was still there the next day... our sheets were never changed. Hopefully they changed them for the next guests!

4. My friend Becca's watch got stolen off of her wrist in the metro. How does that even happen?!!? We have picture evidence that it was on right before we got on the metro. Luckily it was a cheap watch because it gave us tons of laughs [sorry Becca!].

5. In Chartres we spotted a set of missionaries. Naturally, we all shouted and ran towards them. Those poor little missionaries were so awkward... but then again, what should we expect when 40 girls bombard anyone... let alone missionaries!

6. We took band pics all over Paris. It was great. We don't have a name yet and none of us can play... but boy do we have some sweet album covers lined up. Groupies are welcome to join the pics if you'd like!

7. Meegan put the oil for our dinner bread in the ash tray. I love us innocent BYU girls.

8. At 1:30 in the morning a hotel worker came up and knocked on mine and Natalie's door telling us to be quieter. In the next hotel we were placed right next to the Tate's and across from the Seely's (our professors). hmmm. Yeah, we can take a hint.

9. Wednesday we ran ourselves ragged making sure we saw everything in the city. We were all so tired. This is my favorite face of the trip. Captures all our our feelings perfectly. (this is just after we had all woken up after having fallen asleep on the metro... not such a great idea)

Paris was perfect, I loved every second.

More to come!

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