Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Word to the wise: If any of you are thinking about going to buy a non-chocolate pastry... consult me first. I know them all.

I went a little crazy in Paris. I just couldn't help myself. In order to laugh at myself, and the ridiculous amount of pastries I ate, I wrote them all down:

2 crepes (sugar, banana, whip cream)
1 coffee eclair
1 palmier
2 choquettes
1 coffee/maple religieuse
1 bichons
5 croissants
1 strawberry tart
1 beignet
3 ice cream trips

Yes, I was only there for 5 days. Yes, I am a little embarrassed. And yes, most of my pictures from Paris have something to do with food. But hey, I walked more on Wednesday alone than I think I did all summer! Pastries are part of the Paris experience, and I took full advantage.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the trip... the whip cream smear on the cheek captures just how eagerly we ate our treats. In Natalie's defense, I had the exact same whip cream smear while taking this picture.

I have to give a shout out to ham and cheese. It is one of my favorite combinations and no one does it like Parisians do! love my croque monsieurs and cheesy baguettes!

More to come!


  1. we need to find the kermit to you miss piggie!

  2. Don't listen to taylor! Live it up. Enjoy the food. You look marvelous, and you can always diet after if you must! I love the first picture the best. You are beautiful, the street is adorable, the man walking next to you looks so darned fashionable, and the lady on the other side is carrying the hugest baguette--all for herself? It makes me smile!

  3. Taylor I am sure that if I was in Italy it would be 10 times worse... so it might be you that we need to worry about! haha

    Oh don't you worry Dana, Taylor doesn't scare me one bit! haha... there definitely will be a diet when I get back so you better keep me away from the dip at the christmas party! I love that picture too, its just so french to me :) hope you guys are doing well! can't wait to see you all in december!