Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Friday night, during dinner, I was asked to go up to Dr. Tate's flat to answer a phone call.... Sure enough, it was a member of the bishopric asking me to speak in church on Sunday, yes, in less than 48 hours. Of course I said yes, but I was still a little panicked (especially since I had 3 papers due this weekend and I had only written half of one. A+ student for sure). It all worked out and I was able to tweak an old talk that I gave over the summer... but the problem was that I almost didn't make it to church.

The Tube is a great thing. With Knotting Hill Gate just down the road we are able to catch the Central, District, and Circle line, which means we can basically go anywhere pretty easily. However, the tube engineers like to shut down almost every line on Sundays to do construction and don't seem to mind that they put us London Centre girls into a frenzy. Let's just say that this morning the two speakers (me and Mandy) and the musical number (me, Mandy, Julie, and Andrea) almost missed Sacrament meeting. After a few delayed trains, improper signage, me sprinting through Victoria train station in tights because my heels couldn't cut dodging through suitcases, credit cards that wouldn't buy train tickets fast enough, a missed train, hopping on the wrong train, getting off that train and onto a mystery train that didn't call our station but magically stopped there... we made it to church on time. phew! And they pushed our musical number back to next week since we hadn't practiced yet. Can I get a double phew! Luckily it all worked out. I'm just praying for the Circle Line to be in good service next week.

This is me and Mandy after church. We were twinners today with our tights. It was perfect because we both spoke! I love Sundays here... even though I leave for Church at 9 and get back at 3. They're wonderful.

More to come!

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