Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deja vu-ing.

I have deja vu at least a few times each day here in London.

1. Living and eating in such close quarters with 40 girls feels like the dorms all over again, which I love.

2. There are only 6 classes to choose from so pretty much all of us are in the exact same classes. It feels just like high school when you would ask your friends homework questions and work together. It is really convenient.

3. Chain food places are crazy here. Yes, there are lots of small cute food shops, but I cannot even tell you the number of Bella Italias, Eat.'s, Pret a manger's etc. that I see a day. In a matter of a less than one minute walk in Leicester Square you run into 3 Angus Steak Houses and 3 Bella Italia's.

Here are some of my lovely darlings. Everyone calls us "darling" here, it is one of my favourite things. Yesterday the cashier at the pharmacy gave me my change and said, "Here you go darling!" love it. These are just some of the fabulous girls I live with. They are all such sweethearts and so much fun.

Here are some of my friends and I doing what we do best, eating. Oddly enough, there is a Bella Italia in the background (one of the chain restaurants I just mentioned). Actually that is not so odd because they are everywhere!

Things that I definitely do not have deja vu about.

1. Living in 1 room with 8 girls. It is way fun but just much more than I am used to! ooh and living down the stairs from your professors. Eating breakfast in your pajamas next to your professors is a funny thing.

2. Trying to do homework while living in such a fun city... sorry Provo, you have absolutely nothing on London.

3. Having soo many food options. Delicious, but this could be the death of me. In the words of my cousin Taylor, "food, my best friend and worst enemy."

More to come!

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