Saturday, September 18, 2010


For those of you who know me, you know that I am slightly nocturnal. This runs in my family from a mother whose biological clock thinks that 12:00 am is actually noon and a brother who goes to bed past 4:00 am so consequently, "sleep happens" (a phrase his friends coined for the way he can fall asleep on the stairs or with a McGriddle in hand) to him in rather odd places. We can't help it, its in our blood. I usually hit the sack around 2:00 every night.

In no way am I saying that this is a good thing, in fact I wish I was one of those morning people you here about. I just would like some company as I laugh at the irony of how I somehow got placed in the "early to bed" room here in London. Our lights go out at 10 while every other room makes it until at least midnight before they turn theirs out but continue to talk. So I either stay in a dark room for a few hours every night with the light of my laptop and fellow owls, Jani and Claire, to keep me company or stay out in the living room. Hopefully my roommate's good example of a proper bedtime will rub off on me... I could use the extra hours!

More to come!


  1. hahah. i love this. i can relate all too well. except i was in the late nighters room and one of our roommates was not too happy about this...ever. i love all the london tales! I'm so glad you are loving it!!

  2. we are in the same boat. i'm currently the only one on floor four up... it's dark, i'm googling, listening to backstreet boys. i should go to bed.

    but i probably won't.

  3. Emmy if only I was in your room! Let's have lunch when I get back and swap London stories/catch up!

    Natalie now that i am caught up on gossip girl i might be going to bed earlier... who am i kidding?! we have trips to google about! fingers crossed that we are north trip roommates so we can enable our nocturnal habits together!