Thursday, September 2, 2010


I took a nonstop flight from LA and it was heavenly! I listened to music, wrote in my journal, ate dinner, went to bed, and woke up with only 2 hours to go. Once I landed and got through customs I met up with a girl in the program, Sarryn, and we got a taxi together. I threw my stuff in my room, ate dinner with all the girls, and then explored Hyde Park that night.

This is the outside of the center, it is an absolutely beautiful house! AND.... it is rumored that Jude Law lives on our street... don't worry, major stalking plans are already under way to see if that's true! He's my fav.

Our second day we bought our tube passes, went to the Victoria and Albert and National Gallery Museums, drooled a little over the clothes in Harrods, saw Buckingham Palace, and took a bus ride around the city. It was fabulous, I am already in love with London. We were starving halfway through so we stopped at this cute crepe shop and devoured our meals, as seen in the picture. I highly recommend the chicken and asparagus crepe, delish. Later that night I saw Jersey Boys! It was such a fun show! Even better was the fact that I went to a show the night before school started... I can already tell that school might lose the battle against exploring London.

Classes started today. The classes will be interesting because almost half of our assignments are field studies. For instance, by next humanities class I have to go to the National Gallery and write my thoughts on two paintings that we are studying. This opportunity is unreal! I am so excited to be here :). After class I went out with a few girls to get some supplies to get organized and settled in my room and we stopped at a gelato store! soo yummy! I am still waiting for my haagen daz though!

Note to all viewers: Yes, I do realize that 2 out of the 3 pictures I have ever posted have dealt with me eating food. A) there are soo many food and treat places up and down the street so this will probably be happening a lot, and B) I've been walking a lot... hopefully A and B will balance each other out! hopefully...

So far I have had an absolute blast! I love the girls and I love the center. I can already tell that I am going to have the time of my life, but how could I not here?

More to come!


  1. Love the blog. Keep it up! So fun to hear your thoughts and adventures.

  2. i second that comment!!! too cute jenna :)
    please stalk jude...for all of us haha
    im so glad you are having such a great time so far!! and only a few days in too :)
    love you, love your outfits, love your blog, love that you are happy and having fun

  3. I second Carson... I want to see a picture of Jude! Make friends with him for me, okay?

    So glad you are having so much fun!!

  4. I have some more info on Jude, so the plan should be underway soon!love you all!