Sunday, October 10, 2010

field tripping.

Since being in London, I have become very acquainted with "the coach." I don't know why saying the British version of words makes me feel so proper, but I feel so proper calling our cramped bus, "the coach." We've spent hours on end napping on it through English countryside, napping on it during our professors' explanations of the sites, and have stopped at too many rest stops to count.

These hours on the coach are so worth it because we get to see so many amazing sites. Here's what I have been up to lately:

(disclaimer: I find super long posts hard to read and therefore kind of annoying. I am sorry but this is one of them. I just want to get all up to date before I head up North... so sorry this is going to be super long!)

Bodiam's Castle. I love Medieval Castles.

Rudyard Kipling's (author of the Jungle Book) home. The gardens here were stunning.

Battle Abbey. The site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

We went on a Shakespeare marathon for two days. We started out by seeing a play at the Globe and then went to Shakespeare's wife's home, his childhood home, a Shakespeare museum, his adult home, and his daughter's home. While really cool, since no one even knows if Shakespeare was a real person, the tours seemed kind of pointless when you heard that the place you drove 3 hours to see what might have been, probably was, and is assumed to be Shakespeare's stomping grounds. Nevertheless, Stratford upon Avon and the Cotswolds are the most charming towns.

Becca, me, Natalie, and Meegan at the Globe as groundlings to see "Merry Wives of Windsor." We stood for the entire 3 hours, my back was killing me! I don't think the whole peasant thing is for me... I'd much rather be a princess... Prince William isn't married yet!

Anne Hathaway's (Shakespeare's wife not the Princess Diaries actress) childhood home in the Cotswolds.

Kew Gardens. Molly shared her umbrella with me because I forgot to bring one to England... guess like any Californian I thought I could dodge the rain. Not the case. After a month I went out and brought an umbrella. But we really have been incredibly lucky with the weather so far! Fingers crossed it stays that way!

We hiked up to the top of Glastonbury Hill to the Tor, an ancient Christian mythological site. The view was incredible... it was one of the highlights of my trip... I feel like I end up saying that every other day. I just love it here.

At Stourhead, one of the filming sites for Keira Knightley's Pride and Prejudice. It was the most charming and romantic park that I have ever been to. Here I am with Andrea, the sweetest and most dear girl you have ever met, she was loving it more than all of us.

The all star tourists that we are at the Roman Baths. This town is so unique: cobblestone roads and an ancient cathedral with some of the best shopping outside of London. Loved it.

On Friday we took the tube out to Hampstead and visited the poet John Keat's house. It was great to hear
about his brilliant and tragically cut short life, but we were all so tired. I fell asleep against the wall... this seems to be a trend of mine these days haha.

Friday brought gorgeous weather and Hampstead is gorgeous so it was perfect. We walked through an incredible park with tree canopied walkways up to Parliament Hill. This hill has the absolute best view of the city. We just sat and soaked up the view, the sun, and the 70+ degree weather. It was a perfect day. This is Molly, Natalie, me, and Mackenzie stopping on a fallen tree to have a dance party on our way up to the hill.

So this is what I have been up to lately. Again, I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have this experience. It is an experience of a lifetime. I have met the best girls and have seen some of the most famous and incredible things in the world. Thanks mom and dad, you're the best.

The time on my computer is off, but it is 3:45 in the morning. I have to be down for breakfast at 5:45... 2 hours... why do I do this to myself? I do it every day. Good thing I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and that I have an all day coach ride tomorrow.

I'm headed up North to the Lake District and LDS British church history sites in a few hours so...

Lots More to Come!

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