Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wednesdays and Fridays are probably my favorite days of the week. Every Wednesday we go as a group on a field trip outside of London and Fridays we stay inside London to see something cool. This week we got to travel both days, it was fabulous.

Wednesday. First Stop: Jane Austen's House

Second Stop: Salisbury Cathedral

(photo cred: Natalie)

Third Stop: Stonehenge

It was freezing!

Natalie and Jordan had the genius (not being sarcastic, I really loved the idea but just had poor execution) idea to build a human Stonehenge. They lifted me up against my will. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a crash landing... sorry guys!

Friday. Second Stop: Portsmouth

We toured the HMS Victory, the ship that Lord Nelson used to defeat the French and Spanish in the Battle of Trafalgar. I felt like I was on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean the entire tour.

Second Stop: Brighton

(Meegan and I always end up in the most awkward of poses, I love it... this ones just making fun of it!)

It was a perfect day. The sun was really bright, I promise even though this picture is dark! Oh how I love the ocean, I have missed it so much! This exact spot made me really homesick for Newport. 

Such a fun pier! There were shops, tons of food places, a casino, an arcade, and lots of roller coasters!

English telephone booths and the ocean, two of my favorite things! Too bad it's the wrong ocean. I'm a Pacific fan.

I thought these food shacks were so cute. But mushy peas? Really? How does that sound appetizing?

Third Stop: The London Temple

The temple grounds are beautiful, they even have a duck pond. The coolest part is that they have housing for people who have traveled a long way so they can do as much temple work as possible during their stay. I love it.

This week was jam-packed, just the way I like it!

More to come!

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