Monday, October 4, 2010

fraternizing [with professors??!]

Out of all the words that can be said to a professor, I think I just said the most bizarre: good night.

And not just the good night in a its-been-a-late-and-long-review-session,-drive-home-safely kind of way. In the good night, I-like-your-slippers-and-hope-you-sleep-soundly-on-the-floor-above-me kind of way.
Saying good night was even weirder than saying good morning. 

Living with your teachers is strange, yet rad at the same time. I had two papers due Saturday night at midnight but since my professors go to sleep at 10:00 (yes, I do know Dr. Tate and Dr. Seely's bedtimes...) I was able to turn them in on their doorstep at 1:30 without either of them knowing they were technically late. Definitely something you couldn't do in Provo.

Don't mind the paparazzi shot of Dr. Seely and his wife... they're just precious.

More to come!

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