Friday, November 2, 2012


I am currently laying in bed in my one room apartment in Boston - yes, one room, we're talking a cozy few hundred square feet that makes for our bedroom, kitchen, dining room, family room all in one - while Mike is off at a rally in Ohio and is about to ride in a private jet all weekend with some famous politicians (not Mitt, but some very cool people). 

I figured with the election happening on Tuesday (what???) I should write about what I've been up to when the outcome of this little adventure is still unknown.

Living in Boston has been incredible, for so many reasons. New England's charm has wriggled itself into a very big portion of my heart and I love calling this city home.

For instance, Mike and I were walking around Faneuil Hall last night and I looked down to find this.

Boston is full of hidden gems like this.

Living in a city has definitely called for some adjustments, but adjusting has been fun.

We decided not to have a car while living in Boston so we've been in 2-heel drive (catch that dad joke? sorry, I had to) and relying on the T for the past few months.
It's funny to think that when I was at home, walking to the end of my street seemed like punishment yet now I'll walk 2 and a half miles just for Pinkberry.

We've rented a lot of cars since we've been here. This one is my favorite. Mike hardly fit inside.

The closest full size grocery store is 2 1/2 miles away, 7 T (subway) stops. There are small, overpriced markets around, so I usually just end up doing my grocery shopping at CVS  - they have one on every corner.

Speaking of chain stores on every corner -- DUNKIN DONUTS. You would not believe the amount of Dunkin Donuts in this city. It's amazing how skinny this city stays despite all the donuts. I'm not the biggest fan of their donuts, but their Pumpkin Hot Chocolate is out of this world.

Boston's biggest charm is it's history. Amidst sky scrapers you can find the Old Statehouse where the Declaration of Independence was originally read or the oldest U.S. publishing house where The Scarlet Letter was published (now turned into a Chipotle). Although, this history means old brick and cobble stone roads, which means I trip. all. the. time. I've split 3 pairs of shoes since being here.

The fall here is so beautiful but when Boston is 40 degrees it's the coldest I've ever been in my life. The humidity just bites you. Missing the winter is the only bright spot about leaving Boston.

Here are just a few aspects of our life in the city. We've loved every minute.

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  1. Love reading about a fellow east coasters experience :) glad you are living it up Jenna!!! xoxoxo