Monday, April 16, 2012

the final finals.

Seeing as these are my final finals (at least at BYU.. grad school could definitely be in the cards fall 2013) I had to go about business as usual-- i.e. procrastination. Examples of this procrastination are as follows:

I bought these pretty little flowers to keep things happy around these parts despite the mass amounts of studying.

I made this cake because sugar consumption must triple during finals week. 
Side note: this sugar consumption also includes fake sugar because we all know my diet coke consumption quadruples during finals. 
I recently came up with the genius idea of filling a camel back full of diet coke to take with me on campus. Haven't tried it out yet.

My roommates and I built a sweet fort that we've been hanging out in all day everyday. We have three mattresses in this baby and tonight is night 4 of girl-party-sleepover under the fort. 

Also, during finals I try to think about anything I possibly can that doesn't have to do with school, like this penny. When I first saw it I thought it was some weird Utah/Mormon penny trying to sneak a little CTR reminder into our mint. Then I realized it's a national penny. Why? I like all things Abe Lincoln so much better. 

Although finals aren't the best time of the semester, they do mean summer is near! For me, that means graduation and a kind of really big event later in the season. 

And, hey, even if my finals don't go as well as I'd hope. The lady I bought my diet coke from today told me I was so smart because I paid for my 99 cent drink with $1.04 to get rid of some pennies and get a nickel back. She told me she'd never seen anyone do that before. 
If nothing else, my college education has given me the math skills to get rid of pennies. 
(that was probably 3rd grade but shhh.)

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