Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cost-Benefit Analysis.

I am hesitant to write this blog post because I don't want to reveal my tricks. However, since I have already graduated (wait. what?), I figure I should do the noble thing and share my secrets to BYU parking.

Disclaimer: These tips have been tested through trial and error. Strategies were eliminated when a Parking Ticket was received.

I am not sure how many parking tickets I have received over the past 4 years but it is probably in the ball park of 18. If you receive 6 tickets in one year, you get a letter telling you that you are a ticket away from being banned for parking or driving on BYU's campus FOR LIFE. A little dramatic? I'd say so. You think they'd enjoy the extra money we give them. I've never received one of these letters but I've made it pretty close.

Each day, before I go to class, I run through a cost-benefit analysis: weighing the possibility of a parking ticket v. the perks of not having to walk up the awful hills our school sits on. Driving to school wins every time.
          *If you know that I live a 5 minute walk away from campus, don't judge.

Unless you start classes at 7 am, stalk students on the way back to their cars, or Gemini is in your house that  day, you probably aren't going to get a spot in a Y lot. So here are some tips to still park on campus while avoiding a ticket:
  • The Taylor Building (Across 9th East from the Law School, kitty-corner from the Creamery) is full of A(faculty) and G(graduate students) spots with some Y(student) spots. The Y spots are usually taken but there are always A or G spots. This is my major's building and I have "illegally" parked here for 2 years and NEVER (really, never. not once!) received a ticket. 
    • Beware: it is far from the main campus. So far that not even the parking police bother to patrol it.
  • If you are looking to chance a closer A lot, try the lower parking lot across the street from J-dawgs. I have received a ticket here a few times but it is much more rare than other lots.
  • One of my favorite tricks is milking the 30 minute spots. They check them regularly so try not to spend more than 30 minutes on campus but if you're just running in to drop something off, use them!
    • The Wilk parking lot, Visitor lot/Law School lot, Widstoe lot, my favorite: the Crabtree Lot
    • I have also heard stories of people parking at the RB 15 minute stalls for hours without receiving a ticket. I never tested this one.
  • Another favorite trick: If you have a class that starts at 3:30, park in a Widstoe or Visitor/Law School 30 minute spot because they become free game at 4:00.
  • Learn when each lot opens up for free parking. This way, you can always safely drive to campus.
  • Most of you should know this, but just in case you don't, I will tell you: during Spring and Summer, undergraduate students can park in G lots as well. 
  • As a rule of thumb, stay away from the JKB. The parking police office is in the JKB so they patrol it quite often. Sometimes you can get away with this for an hour, but, more often than not, you will receive a parking ticket for parking there. 
  • If you see the Parking Police patrolling the parking lot, run to your car - as fast as you can. Trust me, out running them has been done. And there is no sweeter victory.
Last but not least, if you do get a parking ticket, pay it online within the first 7 days and the price drops from $20 to $10. 
Don't sweat it, practically every other college campus has parking fees. Just look at your parking tickets as your parking fee and enjoy that thrill that comes from out-smarting the Parking Police. 

Man, I'll miss this place.


  1. this is the best! love byu parking tricks. i could add a few more of my own. sooo glad we don't have to deal with this anymore! yay for graduating without one of those letters!

  2. Obviously I love this. I literally just told someone today that the only person worse than BYU parking police is Satan.

    And I stand by that. There is no greater thrill than outsmarting them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i wish i would have known this sooner!!! Those are some good tested tips. I am proud to say I went my four years with hardly every parking on campus as to avoid the fear of a ticket. but received one during my last week of classes my senior year. and i never bothered to pay it since i was graduating. take that parking police!

  4. I can confirm the RB 15 minute stall. It's not fool proof - but it's one of the best options you have. I can tell you that one semester I parked in the A lot in the RB every single day for the month of January for my 2 o'clock ballet class.

    I also managed to get somewhere around 18-20 parking tickets during my tenure at BYU. We all have to stick together.