Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have been an emotional mess lately. For good reason, but still, it is getting a little ridiculous; I'm most always on the verge of tears.
       1. My fiance moved to Boston Easter Sunday-night.
       2. My sister left Provo the next morning.
       3. I am graduating from BYU in a week.
        Even this made me cry:

Yes, using the second to last trash bag of this roll made me cry. In my defense, this roll of trash bags has some sentiment, but still, its significance is only minor at best. Go ahead: laugh. I'll be laughing with you. 

As I've been reflecting on what seems to be a horrible week, I realized that although these things are hard (finishing off a trash bag roll -- where's a girl to go from there?!), they are each wrought with hidden blessings.

        1. I have a fiance.
      2. This fiance, Mike, will actually have me
              **If you know anything about our relationship, you know that this is somewhat of a 
                  miracle itself. 
      3. Mike has a really great opportunity that has taken him to Boston.
      4. I get to go out to Boston in May! (second time in 3 months - party!)
      5. I was able to hang out with my baby-girl, my little sister Carly, for a week.
      6. We got to gross her out at my Bridal shower.
      7. I was able to get a college education.
      8. I had so many great experiences and made such incredible friends at BYU that it's hard to 

So amidst the tears, I am still feeling quite blessed. Thanks to you all who have helped make Provo my home the past four years. Love to you all!

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  1. Hidden blessings? I like that idea.

    And you deserve all of them.

    Go ahead and embrace the emotional-as long as you have a diet coke in your hand you can handle all of it :)