Saturday, February 4, 2012

My View.

This has been my view all week.

Sitting on my bed, or chair, or library desk, staring at my computer.
I guess my view has never really been my hair, unless I had some crazy Spide-y vision. But this has also been my hair all week. On the top of my head. I've only put heat on my hair twice in the past week and a half. Not because I'm trying to keep it healthy or anything, nope, not at all. Just because I've been busy and lazy.

While we're giving out beauty points, in the past week and a half I have gone 3 days without wearing an ounce of make up, 2 wearing only mascara. 
In case you were wondering or worried, I shower every day. Although I may not be cute, I'm always clean. 

I decided to get dressed today so that at least these cute rays of sunshine would be part of my view.
Disregard the messy dresser, my room is actually much more clean than this picture lets on.
Happy Midterms! 


  1. where can i find those adorable shoes!!?

  2. They're Steve Madden, I got them at Macy's during Christmas time so they may very likely still be around!