Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy birthday

Friday was this crazy girl's 15th Birthday!

I have the spunkiest, most talented, funniest little sister around. Since she is almost 7 years younger than me, I have been able to watch her grow up. It has been the best kind of treat. She is my best friend who puts up with me annoying her mercilessly, she always keeps me laughing - seriously this girl's sense of humor is like none other, she is incredibly smart, is the biggest social butterfly I know - her social life is literally 8x busier than mine, is really mature and wise, and is the most talented person I have ever met. Don't believe me? Watch this: 

Carly was Annie in her musical theatre company's production and from what I heard (unfortunately I wasn't able to go) was unbelievably incredible. I knew she would be, she's been singing ever since she could talk. When she was three years old we were getting our hair cut and she had the whole salon silent (over 15 hair cutting stations) while she performed the song "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.

I love Carly so much and am so grateful to have her as my sister and best friend. Happy Birthday! 

**I'm just glad it's her 15th birthday so I don't have to worry about dating and driving just yet. Phew! 

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