Monday, December 6, 2010


Our trip to Wales was the last over night trip we had together :( (yes, it took me about 1 month to post about it). It was super quick but still really fun. We coached over there and stopped at a few fun things along the way, spent the night in Cardiff, and stopped at church history sites on the way home. 

My favorite thing we did in Wales was going to the Big Pit Coal Mine

Wales is a tiny country, only about 6 million, but just under half of us on the program are Welsh! Got to love Mormon connections. A lot of Welsh people joined the church during the Apostolic Mission of the church in 1838-1841 (just got tested on that.. don't worry, I don't just know random church history statistics). Many of them worked in coal mines so we went to take a look at what they were like.

Most of the people were so poor that they couldn't afford a candle for their children that worked in the mine. Kids as young as 6 had to work in the mines :(. They would leave 6 days a week before sunrise and got home after sunset so they never saw the light.

We also went to Wales World, a museum about Welsh Life:

The second day of the trip was our family history trip. We went to a lot of different sites including the Benbow Farm

Hundreds of early Saints were baptized here.

Malvern Hill Beacon
Wilford Woodruff dedicated the potteries (this area of England) on this hill. It was the windiest place I have ever been.

Gadfield Elms Chapel:

This is the oldest Mormon meetinghouse. 

We had a little program and sang hymns in the chapel, it was so great. 

Wales was great, glad to add another country to my list! Don't know if I would go back but I am sure glad I went.

More to come!

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