Saturday, December 4, 2010


Don't make me leave. 

I was counting down the months, then the weeks, then the days, and then the hours until I got here to London. Throughout my stay, I have enjoyed every second... I just cannot believe that I am now counting (not anxiously or eagerly, merely out of shock) down the days until I leave... 4.

I'm going to miss riding the Tube, the parks, the accent, Trafalgar Square, seeing aspiring artists sketching in the museums, movie premieres, living with 36 girls, corner yogurts, hearing dozens of different languages each day, having so many picture moments, laughing at the fact that my neighbors have nannies and dog walkers, scarf and coat weather, day trips through the country side, caramel sundaes from McDonalds, red buses and the way they inevitably pop up in almost every picture you take, having no clue what is going on in the world, free museums, walking down the beautiful streets, practicing my accent with the other girls, getting packages from my mom, watching the TV shows she sends me, Odeon at Whiteley's, soaking in the architecture, going to plays, my little cave of a bed, St. Tate, having homework assignments in museums, Clapham Commons ward, 1 and 2 pound coins, colorful and shiny money, not having a cell phone, the beautiful wood paneling in the centre, People magazine parties, not having keys to lose, St. Paul's, my fancy world plug adapter, going to class in my pajamas, seeing so many beautiful cathedrals, Pizza Hut and Hard Rock happiness, Starbucks steamers trips, coach rides, Tesco, London markets, having people ask me for directions and being able to give them perfectly, pretending to be a real London-er, all of the sites lit up at night, hearing the word cheers, freaking my roommates out with my weird antics, Pembridge Hall school children, getting to travel all over England and the world...

Yes, I'll even miss the terribly slow Internet, having to change my papers to A4, separate hot and cold water faucets, bitterly cold weather, gross centre dinners, tiny showers, having a foot long closet, only having a 1/15 of my clothes, 3 months of chapped lips, the wretched Earl's Court tube stop, lack of garbage cans, the very hurting American dollar.... because experiencing all of this means that I am living in London.

This has been the experience of a lifetime. I have met the most incredible people, learned so much, seen so much, and have made unforgettable and life changing memories. I couldn't be more grateful for this experience and know that London will forever have a place in my heart and will always be a part of me. 

Pictures taken by my friend Olivia's engagement picture photographer. She is incredible and Olivia's pictures are so beautiful!

More to come!

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