Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh my gosh, we're back again

***props to all who caught the Backstreet Boys reference in the title.

So January always seems to be about New Year's Resolutions, lucky for me, I found a way to knock out a couple of my resolutions in one shot.

Enter: the blog.

I started this blog when I went on a study abroad to London in Fall 2010, and it hasn't been touched since. Maybe because it pained me a little to take down the last remnants of London, maybe I was a little lazy, maybe I felt that my life wasn't interesting enough. Well, things are changing, friends. I'm turning my old blog into a scrap book and trying to be a little less lazy (nevermind that I am in sweats and no makeup at 6:00 on a Saturday night). As for the third, my life hasn't become much more interesting, so sorry if this blog becomes a little mundane.

How is this blog going to help me with my resolutions you ask? Considering the fact that I am horrible at taking pictures, since coming home from London I have taken 8 pictures on my camera - 2 were blurry, 3 dark, I decided I need to do better at documenting my life through pictures. And we all know long blog posts without pictures can be hard to read. - resolution number 1: check.

Side note: speaking of resolutions, look how cute my New Year's date is.

Resolution #2: write in my journal. Thank you for making it so easy to print out your blog. check.

Resolution #3: keep my room clean. I decided to take before and after pictures of my messy room, thereby forcing me to clean it. Don't worry, logging on to find pictures of Jenna's cluttered and unkempt bedroom wont be a daily ritual, it just jump started the whole process.


 I may or may not have tidied up my room just a bit before this picture. Mama will be sad to see this but at least it means I'm busy living, right? 
Too bad you can't see the vacuum lines in this picture. Actually, you don't want to see them because I've never been able to get them to be perfect triangles, but lines are on the floor, perfect or not.

Unfortunately, this blog wont help me with my posture because I don't think you want to see cell phone pictures of each time I slump throughout the day. And it certainly won't help me be better at budgeting my money because you definitely do not want to see the meager amount of money I make as a TA. However, you may enjoy a good laugh at how I spend it: Burger King diet coke runs, new shoes that I don't even have room for in my closet, food that I let expire.

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